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Tessotek Engineering FEA team is a blend of inhouse engineers and consultants bringing 30+ years of industry experience, delivering substantiated design that are validated based on stress and deformation predicted in structural, thermal & vibrational coupled analysis.

We do Fatigue analysis and buckling analysis for life cycle prediction in a cost-effective manner to ensure structural and functional integrity of your design with required Factor of Safety.


Structural Analysis

  • Static & Dynamic Analysis

  • Transient Analysis

  • Simulate contact stresses

  • Stress Linearization as per standards


Thermal Analysis

  • Conduction & Convection Simulation

  • Radiation Simulation

  • Thermal Structural Coupled Analysis

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Vibration Analysis

  • Modal Analysis

  • Response spectrum Analysis

  • Random Vibration Analysis

  • Wind & Seismic Analysis


Composites Analysis

  • Orthotropic Modelling

  • Laminate modelling

Explicit Dynamics

  • Nonlinear Analysis

  • Blast Analysis

Fatigue Analysis 

  • Life Cycle evaluation

  • Crack Propagation Study

Buckling Analysis

  • Linear Buckling Analysis

  • Non-Linear Buckling Analysis

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