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Tessotek engineering can do coded and validated design of equipment & fittings as per ASME, TEMA, API, BS, EJMA, SAES/SAMSS, AISC, and IS standards. Our team has vast experience in design of Pressure Vessels, Vacuum Chambers, Large UHV vessels, Horton Spheres, Storage tanks.

We are also experienced in thermo-mechanical design of Heat Exchangers, design validation of hot gas ducts in WHBs, HSRGs, Boiler tubes by applying Root Cause Failure Analysis approach.


Pressure Vessel Engineering as per ASME BPVC Sec Viii Div. 1 & Div. 2 / PD 5500:

  • Hand calculation & Design using PVElite 2016

  • FEA Validation of Pressure vessels

  • Shell & Dish Sizing, Nozzle selection & Flange definition

  • Design of supports, saddles, legs, skirts

  • Design of Lifting scheme

  • Nozzles loads check as per WRC 107, WRC 537 & WRC 297

  • Hydrotest calculation & MAWP evaluation

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Vacuum Vessel Design with ASME BPVC Sec Viii Div. 1 & Div. 2

  • Horton Sphere Design.

  • Vacuum vessels for nuclear applications.

  • Vacuum vessels for thermal / radiation heating applications.


HEAT Exchanger Design - TEMA / ASME Div 1

  • Thermal & Mechanical Design of Heat Exchangers

  • Design of Fixed, Floating & U tube configurations

  • Hand calculation & Design using PVElite 2016

  • Shell & Dish Sizing, Nozzle selection & Flange definition

  • Tube sheet Design & Sizing using HTRI & PV Elite

  • FEA Validation & CFD /CHT Simulation of Heat Exchangers


Boiler & Fired Heaters & HRSG – FEA & CFD

  • FEA Validation with thermal mapping

  • Structural – Thermal coupled analysis

  • Vibration analysis, wind load & seismic study

  • CFD Simulation to evaluate tube skin temperature – CHT

  • Flow Simulation of hot and cold fluid using CFD turbulence models

  • Boundary layer study & vortex shedding simulation using CFD

  • Determination of natural frequency, acoustic frequency & vortex shedding frequency

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