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Tessotek Engineering simulation team (CFD & CHT) is a combination of thermal & fluid engineers advised and mentored by consultants bringing 30+ years of industry experience to deliver accurate solutions.

We do CFD analysis of internal and external flows, thermal analysis of hot gas flows, CHT for tube skin thermal mapping and cryogenic cooling channels, Hydrodynamic simulation of pipe flow, open channel flow , aeration basin, pump intake study and porous media simulation for filters.

We understand the flow physics to engineer your design towards performance optimization.

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  • CFD simulation of high turbulent gas flow through pipes, ducts, and tubes

  • Thermal simulation of Heat Exchangers and hot gas ducts

  • Flue gas thermal analysis and heat transfer in WHBs

  • Flow Induced Vibration study of flue gas in Boilers & HRSGs

  • Thermal mapping of cooling channels in double walled vessels

  • Multi-species simulation of fluid systems

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  • Hydrodynamic simulation of open channels for water level & loss prediction

  • Hydrodynamic simulation of piping flow in feed and discharge systems

  • Particle tracking and multiphase mixing simulation of aeration basins

  • CFD simulation of pump houses for sump modelling study

  • CFD analysis of Wye Branch & header pipes

  • CFD simulation & boundary layer study of floating and submerged bodies

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  • CFD simulation of high-rise buildings to predict effect of wind loads

  • Flow Induced Turbulence study of ventilation & exhaust systems

  • CFD optimization of HVAC systems for thermal comfort and hot spot cooling

  • CFD simulation of pumps, axial flow compressors & centrifugal systems

  • Flow Induced Vibration study of rotary systems

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