CFD Simulation

Tessotek simulation team (CFD) team is a blend of inhouse engineers and consultants bringing over 15+ years of industry experience, delivering clear and cost-effective solutions to engineering problems. We are capable to provide simulation services for multitudes engineering domain and types of analysis as listed below

  • Fluid simulation of pipes, ducts and channels
  • CFD simulation of turbomachinery & other rotary systems
  • Internal & External Aerodynamics of Flying bodies
  • Thermal Simulation & FIV Study of Boilers, HRSGs & Fired heaters
  • FIV Study of ventilation & tunnel exhaust systems
  • Multiphase & Multi species simulation of fluid systems
  • CFD Simulation for underground systems – Metro Projects
  • CFD simulation of high rise building with wind tunnel test validation
  • CFD Optimization of HVAC systems