Aerospace Design & Analysis

The core team of Tesso Aerospace has prior experience in the domain of Aero structural Designs & Aerodynamic Simulation pertaining to flying bodies. The Aero service spectrum will include analytical design with hand calculation, Stress Analysis (FEA Validation) & External / Internal Fluid Flow Simulation (CFD)

  • Aero structural Design & Optimization
  • CAD Modelling of Primary & Secondary structures
  • FEA Validation of LRU mounting structures
  • Stress analysis of Compressors & Turbines
  • Fatigue & Vibration Analysis (FEA) of Rotary components
  • CFD Simulation of wing & control surfaces
  • Thermal Simulation of Rotary systems (CHT & CFD)
  • CFD Simulation of Supersonic flow
  • CFD Simulation of Automotive bodies
  • Control system design & simulation